Can Using Eye Drops When Expectant Affect The Pregnancy

Eye infections that are left untreated for a long time may result into further health complications.

It is therefore important even for pregnant women to seek treatment in good time to avoid incurring extra costs on treatment and medication, or even harming the unborn child.

The assumption that most expectant mothers make is that only oral medications can affect the fetal development yet even topical medicines present just as much risk.

Allergic reactions such as red or itchy eyes are mostly treated using eye drops which sometimes contain steroids or histamine blockers.

So, can I use eye drops when pregnant?

Can Using Eye Drops When Expectant Affect The Pregnancy (3)

  • Absorption into the body system

As much as the eye drops are not directly injected into the blood stream or orally consumed, a portion of the active ingredients is absorbed systematically into the body system.

This means that they can still affect the unborn child once they get absorbed into the blood stream.

  • Types of eye drops

Medications are generally classified into types A, B, C, D and X by the U.S Food and Drug Administration depending on how they can affect pregnancies.

Eye drops are also categorized in this manner. Those in category A have been tested and have been determined to have no effects on pregnancies.

It is interesting to note that no medications used to treat allergies have been placed in this category. Most of them actually fall into the B and C categories.

Category B eye drops are classified as such because no harmful effects have been observed during studies conducted in humans and animals even though similar studies have not been carried out on expectant women.

The allergy medicines placed in category C have been determined to be potentially harmful to pregnancies in studies conducted on animals.

  • What should you do?Can Using Eye Drops When Expectant Affect The Pregnancy (1)

It is important to take care of your unborn baby and that means taking medication that is not harmful to the fetal development.

The first three months of pregnancy are the most important because at that stage, the fetal development is very crucial and also delicate.

The best bet is usually to avoid allergens but if that is not possible, taking category B eye drops is advisable.

You can safely use them throughout the pregnancy. It’s also necessary to get advice from your doctor on the use of such medications even when making over-the-counter purchases.

You can therefore only use specific eye drops during pregnancy in order to avoid harming the baby.…

What Equipment Is Best For Working Out At Home

What Equipment Is Best For Working Out At Home (2)

For one to stay fit, exercising and a healthy diet are inevitable.

Exercises like running and walking are just a few of the things one can easily do without the use of equipment; but what happens when it rainy outside and you still need to go for your daily run?

You will definitely need the best exercise equipment for weight lose at home instead of having to run around the house which is just insane.

When shopping for workout equipment, you need one that comes with a calorie counter so you are able to see your results immediately after each session.

  • Treadmills

Treadmills are a must have for anyone looking to shed off those extra pounds.

They are ideal for running and walking which as you know are good exercises for the entire body. With it you can control the speed at which you want to run or walk.

A treadmill also comes with a calorie counter as well.

If you want to maximize the amount of calories burnt, use an incline and make sure that your hands are off the machine.

If this is your first time using it, don’t incline it too much especially if you have balance issues.

  • Cycling bikes

Another great exercise machine to purchase for indoor workouts is a cycling bike.

When cycling, a lot of leg muscles are involved making it another great option for burning calories.

With it you can anything lose from 500 to 100 calories for each hour spent on it.

  • Rowing machines

What Equipment Is Best For Working Out At Home (1)If you are overweight, a rowing machine may not be suitable for you especially if you are just starting out.

This is so because they involve a lot of chest, arm, leg and other muscles in the body which may be a little difficult and tiresome to withstand at first.

If you still want it though, just start gradually and increase speed as your body adjusts to it.

These are just a few of the machines one can purchase and work out at home. There are so many that you can still research on.

Exercising on these machines is not as easy as it looks.

You can’t just buy and start working out.

There is a right way of working out on them to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself or get tired quickly even before starting.

As you start or continue with the exercising, the gist here is to lose as much calories using the best exercise equipment for weight lose at home and this can only be achieved if you don’t give up and also, staying true to your goals.…